Return to Ryn

Saving Lady Adele
game 1

xp: 2,150 wiki link: Saving Lady Adele

Players at game (DM Jared):
Andrew – Lenz
Dyllon – Aidan
Jesse – Tandy
John – Erlich
Josh – Erasmus
Matt – Latch
Tim – Flynn

Game notes:

  • The campaign starts in Riverwood, small town (pop. 175) where several of the group have grown up (Aidan, Tandy, Flynn, Erlich). A few travelers are in town as well (Lenz, Erasmus, Latch).
  • The group sits with many of the townsfolk and their children, listening to the tales of the resident gypsy lady, Madam Zoastra, when High Councilman Tippin runs to the gathering and asks the members of the town guard, (Flynn, Tandy and Aidan), as well as traveling scholars/healers, (Lenz and Erasmus), to come quickly. An injured caravan guard named Yuon has come into town with a tale of banditry and kidnapping.
  • The group questions Yuon, to find out a noble woman, Lady Adele, and her caravan were attacked just south of town. She was kidnapped by the raiders and all of her guards and attendants were killed, with the exception of Yuon who managed to escape. The attackers also appeared to be assisted by what Lenz believed was a description of small Fae. Councilman Tippin asks the group to gather any able bodied folk who are willing to help and to travel quickly to the aid of Lady Adele. We added the dwarf Erlich and the gnome Latch to the rescue party and set out south.
  • Just south of town a very unseasonable snowfall was beginning, and temperatures drastically dropped.
  • Arriving at the site of the ambush, many dead bodies littered the ground. Sounds of a possible survivor rustled from inside one of the wagons. When we rushed to their aid we were shocked to find the bodies in the wagon were not those of survivors, but animated to attack any would-be rescuers! We fought off the zombies, taking only minor injuries, and followed the trail of the abductors through the deepening snow.
  • Snowfall continued to worsen. Following the trail we are attacked by a pair of some kind of draconic/serpentine creatures which appeared to be very at home in the powdery snow. We managed to kill them, but they injured several of us and we are forced to dip into our magical reserves to heal the injuries.
  • A chest of goods from the caravan lies abandoned on the trail. While it is out of place, we felt we must inspect it. As expected it was trapped, a spiked log swung out of the woods to slam into us, and the chest is empty. We continue on.
  • A snowman with a sign warning trespassers to go away lies on the trail. It glows faintly with magic and rather than risk another trap we give the snowman a wide berth and travel on. We run into a talking moose!? Oh wait, it’s an invisible pixie using ventriloquism. No useful information gained, other than to confirm fae are involved.
  • At this point the local men in our group realize we are heading towards the Lodge House of the High Sentinels, a group of king’s guards who are assigned to keeping the roads clear of banditry in the area. As we get closer, we heard sounds of conversation ahead. It was the bandit’s lookout group. We attacked them, managing to capture them all with only minor injuries. After questioning them we learn that they are mercenaries working for the infamous local bandit Robawn. Robawn’s Raiders had the job to capture Lady Adele, and they were being assisted by several fae creatures. They also claimed the fae killed the local High Sentinel men at the lodge, so that Robawn could use it as a base of operations.The guards revealed that Robawn was also being granted necromantic powers by the fae.
  • We reached the Lodge and scouted it out. Our local men have been here before so we knew the layout. We found Lady Adele manacled in the basement, unguarded, but she tried to flee before we could convince her we were there to help. She alerted a sentinel fae, an ice mephit of some sort, and it in turned alerted Robawn and his men of the rescue attempt. A fight ensued, the mephit possibly survived a fall into a ravine, tho it looked to have taken mortal injury. Most of Robawn’s men were incapacitated and captured (though a couple were killed), and we captured Robawn. Lady Adele called on us to execute him, but calmer heads insisted on taking our prisoners back to town for a trial.
  • We notice on the other side of the ravine, a massive beam of light steadily shining out of the forest and into the sky, bright enough to be seen in day time. We ignore it for now, but mark it down for later. WIth all the fae activity and unseasonable weather, no way is it a coincidence.
  • One of Robawn’s crew, Half-orc female cook, pointed out where they had hidden much of Lady Adele’s possessions.
  • Several of Robawn’s men were very sick, so we quarantined them just outside of town.

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